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Honlux Apartment Shenzhen

Honlux Apartment Shenzhen is located in beautiful Shekou Sea World, which is a comprehensive business hotel with integration of catering, recreation and accommodation. Honlux Apartment Shenzhen was established in 2000 and built utilizing investment of Shenzhen Lifengtong Venture Capital Co., Ltd at primary stage of business. Within six years, the scale of Honlux apartment has been expanded from 45 rooms in primary establishment to current 103 rooms and annual rate of housing maintains at 95 percent thus create the miracle in hotel world. In addition,Honlux Apartment Shenzhen 110 hotel guest rooms (Honlux Cruise inn) in 3rd phase with various styles are opened to operation via approximately two-year reconstruction and their illusional decorating style win recognition of new and old guests.Honlux Apartment Shenzhen quantity of guest room operated and managed by Honlux has achieved 220 so far and number of staff will exceed 250 thus truly realize strategic target of transforming to medium size hotel.